Why Risk It? Retain a Skilled Benefit Auctioneer

Don’t leave money in the room. With an experienced benefit auctioneer who has extensive fundraising experience, proven ideas, and a dedication to good causes, you will raise more money.

Over the last three decades as an auctioneer, I typically see an average increase of 20 to 200 percent in live auction revenue when either I am the auctioneer or if another experienced benefit auctioneer colleague follows a year that an organization uses a volunteer, celebrity, or VIP personality. That’s because experienced benefit auctioneers know how to engage the audience, move bids along to reach the highest possible amount, keep the focus on the nonprofit mission, and create a lively and entertaining event that maximizes your fundraising and leaves your guests eager to return the following year. Remember, investing in a skilled benefit auctioneer does not cost you money in the long run, because they will help you generate more profit!