Susan G. Komen Pink Tie Ball

Dear Steve,

We promised our community a Pink Tie Ball that was greater than Gatsby himself. We promised them an epic party they would never forget. And, on October 14, we did deliver. But that had nothing to do with the Jazz Age atmosphere or the over-the-top entertainment. What made our 2017 Pink Tie Ball a success had nothing to do with the fictions of the silver screen and novels – but instead with the reality of what you, Steve, bring to our cause.

Passion. Devotion. Selflessness. Hard work. Resourcefulness. Generosity. Time and talent. Energy and focus. Conviction that our work is acting to remove the threat of breast cancer from our world. These are just a few of the real-life contributions you made, Steve, as our auctioneer for our Pink Tie Ball – and that you make every day to our fight.

Certainly, Komen Philadelphia and I thank you for all you did for the gala – from the time you took preparing for the event, to your inspired a mobilizing leadership during the live auction on Saturday night as well as your respectful interactions with our guests and volunteers – we simply couldn’t have pulled it off without you. Thanks to your hard work and many kindnesses, the Pink Tie Ball raised significant dollars that will empower us to save more lives in the year ahead.

But, again, our appreciation goes well beyond what you’ve done for this one event and encompasses that impact you have made on our mission for more than a decade. While breast cancer continues to maintain an ugly presence in our lives, it is slowly being overshadowed by the love and beauty that exists in hearts like yours… and the reality of the progress you are helping to make possible.

When we talk of not just great, but greater forces in this cause… of people making an epic difference in the fight to end breast cancer… you, Steve Katz, top the list!

With my sincerest gratitude,

Elaine I. Grobman

Chief Executive Officer

Susan G. Komen Philadelphia