Max Katz was the grandfather of Steven, Bob, Rick, and Linda Katz. He immigrated from Poland pre-World War II to St. Louis, Missouri. As a young entrepreneur, Max opened Max Katz’s Shoe Repair in South Saint Louis. Even though the neighborhood changed over the years, Max did not, and he continued to run his shoe repair shop until his death. He was the ultimate mensch (Yiddish for a good person, role model) and felt lucky to wake each and every day. He was thankful to be alive and felt privileged to live in America. Max shared all that he had and was the consummate family man.

Max’s son, David, is Steven’s father. He was one of four children, along with three sisters. Like his father, he too was a mensch who only saw the good in people. David developed a successful insurance business where his three sons, Steve, Bobby, and Rick eventually worked. He had his father’s traits and beliefs and put them into practice. David was the ultimate family man and would do anything he could for his family and friends. David and his family moved from St. Louis to the suburbs of Philadelphia where they resided until his death. He was thrilled to be alive and saw each day as a blessing.

In September 2016, our family lost our crown jewel. Linda was the ultimate example of all that is good in this world. She lived to love and help others. We are all blessed to have had her in our lives.

This charitable trust is dedicated in memory of Max, David, and Linda as a tribute to them and their zest for life and love of family. All proceeds from this Charitable Trust are donated back into the community, primarily helping children in need.